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Me to Me Transfers Responsive

The Opportunity

Within 3 months produce a fully responsive interface which keeps the current transaction flows intact. Contracting demands from client banks required us to provide a fully responsive web based interface, deployable within a year. Because of banking regulations, testing and validation would take most of the time, leaving minimal time for design.

The Team

3 UX designers, 1 UI developer, 1 accessibility expert, 1 content designer

Multiple Ageing Interfaces

TransferNow interbank plugin was used by thousands of banks and supported multiple desktop and mobile interfaces. Maintenance required multiple teams and did not offer a fully stable responsive interface.

Zelle FTK Architecture
Zelle FTK Architecture

All Business Options Explored

1. Building a system from scratch would be costly and take too long.

2. Building a custom UI for the clients requesting a responsive UI would leave the company with more interfaces to maintain, and would be very expensive over time.

3. Using an existing design system would be fast to develop, but would potentially change flows resulting in additional testing and validation.

4. Modify an existing design system to keep current desktop flows intact.

The Best Option: modify an unfinished design system

Though not perfect, the greater organization had developed a basic corporate design system. The Fiserv Design Language (FDL) was intended for backend services that didn't have access to designers. It pulled from Google's Material Design, but was based on technical form interaction. It was not yet ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant and missed multiple consumer facing interaction methods.

The analysis concluded we would immediately begin designing and coding congruently using this internal system. Over three months our small team would document full flows, compliant frontend code, and deliver 2 sprints ahead of backend integration.

Fiserv Design System
TransferNow Responsive UI
TransferNow Branded

Lessons Learned

- Design choices begin with the decisions made by the business.

- Collaborating with product owners and client services is a critical part of delivering quality product on time.